We read each comment also from the point of view of continuous product optimization. Thus, indications of the difficulty of targeting small ticks with the large, closed gripper head have led to the development of the open, yellow gripper head, which went into series production after extensive testing in mid-2019. With it, small ticks can be targeted even more precisely. Their removal may still require several attempts. But with the Tickgripper you are on the safe side!



Reviews at

for the Tickgripper MED Series 2
(contains a yellow open and a closed gripper head)

Due to a lack of English comments, the reviews of the German Amazon website were translated.

Works also with small ticks
22 August 2019
Verified Purchase

I bought the Tickgripper here because for small ticks I've never been successful with cards, tweezers or what's on the market. That's where the biting tool remaines stucking in my skin. Now for the first time I have used the Tickgripper for my four-year-old daughter at our Sweden vacation and have to say: brilliant. The included open gripper head has worked great with the tiny beasts, even at a small tick between the hair upon the head. I took me three tries. But that's also due to my daughter, who had contact with ticks for the first time. Here my tip for small ticks: Put the open gripper head gently at respectively under the body of the tick. Do not start where the head is. Then slowly close the gripper head. Once it is closed and the tick still under control, release the push button. Do not pull up. Has worked wonderfully.


Reviews at

for the Tickgripper MED Series 1
(contains two closed gripper heads)

Simply brillant ...
17. June 2018
Verified Purchase

... pretty straightforward. Easy to use. Suitable for both humans and animals. Unfortunately, not suitable for small ticks, as these can not be easily grabbed, otherwise recommended.

very good product!
24 May 2018
Verified Purchase

even the smallest tick gets caught, is painless and easy to handle! Highly recommended and reasonably priced.

works well
14 February 2018
Verified Purchase

Mostly we use this device for larger ticks, because you can grasp them better. For smaller ticks rather a tweezer. But if you get the nasty beasts with the Tickgripper, there is no escape. I can recommend it.

Clear recommendation
3  August 2017
Verified Purchase

As a Lyme patient, I am particularly careful when removing ticks. With the Tickgripper I have a good feeling, because the ticks are not that crushed. For small ticks you have to start more often, but it is not a problem. Conclusion: clear recommendation.

Not suitable for very small ticks
27 July 2017
Verified Purchase

With the Tickgripper I could not turn off very small ticks, for small ticks the device is not suitable in my opinion. Bigger ticks we did not have yet, so I cannot judge.

Tickgripper tickSAFE
18 June 2017
Verified Purchase

Simply brilliant product. Have already removed at least 10 ticks from my cat. No matter if they are still very small (1-2 mm) or already quite soaked (6-7 mm), all ticks were removed completely and alive. I really have to recommend it.

26  August 2016
Verified Purchase

Very high quality material in interaction with simple and effective handling. Will also provide me with the replacement gripper heads and the Tickgripper VET for my dogs! The enthusiasm has also passed to our friends and acquaintances. Super awesome the additional tips on the website of the manufacturer. Thank you very much, too!

Just awesome!
25 August 2016
Verified Purchase

Finally we found a solution for our constant problem with the ticks. As a family, we travel a lot with the children in nature. Almost every day we have tick bites in our family. Conventionally used devices (tweezers or card) are totally unsuitable and too risky for the health. In addition, using the Tickgripper, the removal of ticks is easy, even for the smallest ticks. 100% recommendation of this product! I'm totally excited and finally have a very good solution to my problem.

first good experience

16 August 2016
Verified Purchase

The first tiny tick was removed without any problems, now I am waiting for the next attack ;-), the handling is self-explanatory.

very convenient
31 July 2016
Verified Purchase

Easy handling, clean - worked better than I thought. At first I thought that the price might be too high but I prefer to buy something of value containing. Definitely a buy recommendation on my part.

Tick remover
19 July 2016
Verified Purchase

works well, but small ticks are difficult to grasp. Especially if the pet is thinking, an injection is coming and do not want to keep quiet.

Conditionally suitable and expensive
15 July 2016
Verified Purchase

We spend a lot of time in the forest, our son is in a forest kindergarten and we have 2 dogs. We know ticks and got a lot of them every season. Mostly our son has some on his head. Here we could not remove small ticks with the Tickgripper, because the gripper could not grasp the tick, probably because of the hair. For animals, the gripper is also ruled out. Relatively expensive and quite ineffective. We keep on using the noose for nymphs. Big ticks you get off with any tweezer or hook.

12  Juli 2016
Verified Purchase

I bought the Tickgripper a month ago, but could not use it for lack of tick attack. Now one had caught me and it came to use. I'm very happy with how it worked. Even my neighbor has used it in the meantime and what very enthusiastic.

Works, but I'm not quite convinced ...
1 July 2016
Verified Purchase

The structure of the gripper makes a valuable impression and the function also seems logical. When releasing the push button, the head of the gripper rotates andand thereby let the tick go. However, if you want to remove a very small tick and the tick is not completely caught with the tip of the gripper head, the tick turns out of the tip and remains unimpressed. Therefore I have to solve the small ticks a tick loop, which works very reliable. Despite all, a good device.

Highly Recommended
22 June 2016
Verified Purchase

As the previous speakers have already remarked, this Tickgripper can be handled excellently. Ordered the day before yesterday, received yesterday and today was already the first use - my son had caught a tick. Although it was quite a tiny specimen, the tick could be completely removed and completely painless for my son. After bad experiences with tick tweezers and tick card now the experiments have come to an end. Absolute buy recommendation!

Revised tick removal
22 April 2016
Verified Purchase

As a doctor, I've removed hundreds of ticks in over 35 years (in humans and pets) and used all the usual equipment. Especially small ticks are squeezed and thus the transmission of pathogens is promoted. In contrast, the Tickgripper grasps the tick very gently and turns it off "automatically," according to recent scientific literature recommendations. When pulling more power has to be used, which is associated with a corresponding risk demolition of parts of the tick.

Particularly I was fascinated by the removal of a "micronymph" in an infant. Barely visible to the naked eye, but safely and painlessly removed with the Tickgripper (and completely undamaged). I think this device is also very well suited for amateur use. For example removing a tick from a stomach fold, you have to spread the skin using your thumb and index finger, then the Tickgripper is prepared optimally for the removal.

The price is quite proud, but not a cheap plunder but a Hitec product that is made in Germany. You notice it during use. Clear recommendation!