We read each comment also from the point of view of continuous product optimization. Thus, indications of the difficulty of targeting small ticks with the large, closed gripper head have led to the development of the open, yellow gripper head, which went into series production after extensive testing in mid-2019. With it, small ticks can be targeted even more precisely. Their removal may require several attempts due to the fur and hair. But with the Tickgripper you are on the safe side!


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for theTickgripper VET Series 1
(contains two green, closed gripper heads)

Fantastic Equipment
19 July 2019
Verified Purchase

Brilliant though Expensive piece of equipment. I am using it to extract Ticks from Wild Hedgehogs. I know as I have donated these to other Hedgehog Rescues how useful they are :-)  Imagine having to remove hundreds of Ticks from an injured Baby Hedgehog. The only downside is they do not make a smaller attach head for the really small ticks which you have to wait for them to grow to remove them :-(  Otherwise can’t fault it.

Ease of use
11 July 2019
Verified Purchase

Removing Ticks. Quite surprised how easy it was to use.

Fantastic gadget, very sturdy
8 October 2018
Verified Purchase

Fantastic gadget,very sturdy. Works every time. We have removed hundreds of ticks from hedgehogs with this gadget,not once has tick been damaged. Nice clean tick removal every time. Buy one!! Brilliant. Good seller will buy from them again.

19 November 2017
Verified Purchase

Delivery was good but have only given three stars as I don't feel I was able to give it a fair trial due to the position of the tick. It is well made and I think it will be very effective in different circumstances.

19 July 2017
Verified Purchase

I have a working dog who is always picking up ticks and do not approve of using chemicals as a solution to the problem. I wanted a safe and easy way to remove them on what has become a regular basis. I could not be happier with this product as it's easy to use and very good at getting the pests off. Brilliant!

17 May 2017
Verified Purchase

In over 50 years of dog ownership I have tried just about every conceivable tick removing gadget imaginable. At last, an implement that actually succeedes. Simple to use and totally effective, this is a 'must have' tool for all pet owners.