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Whether a tick bursts, the skin around the tick bite is visably infected, or you simply desire a clean gripper head, there are many reasons to change the gripper head regularly. Nothing is easier than that: remove the old gripper head and put on a new one. It sounds easy and is easy. Simply choose the appropriate gripper head replacement, MED or VET.

Gripper heads for humans and animals differ by the the cavity inside the gripper head, which conforms to the shape of the tick to be removed. Due to the fur in animals, ticks are usually detected much later than in humans. By the time ticks are discovered in animals, they have often had a longer suction period and are therefore bigger. Due to these circumstances the cavity of the gripper head VET is spherical.

On the smooth human skin ticks are usually detected earlier. The detected ticks are often very small, known as nymphs or 'baby ticks'. They are not less infectious than the adult ticks despite their size of only a few millimeters. To grip these tiny ticks, the gripper head MED has a greater wall thickness at its tip.

Gripper head MED with a greater wall thickness to grip small ticks   Gripper head VET with a spherical cavity to pick up big swollen ticks


The removal of very small ticks is a challenge, especially if you want to remove them without squeezing them. That's why tickSAFE has developed the open gripper head. It provides a good view of the "operating field" when grabbing small ticks.

New: The open gripper head. Advantage: better view when grabbing small ticks.




The storage capsule is particulary useful. It can be used as a cap for the Tickgripper and is ideal for sending in ticks.