Choose the right gripper head.

It is recommended to use the translucent, closed gripper head for large ticks and the open, yellow gripper head gripper head for small ones.


Grasp the tickSAFE® Tickgripper in the palm of your hand. Depending on the location of the tick bite, different handle positions are possible. The three-finger grip or the fist grip have proven to be successfull. Press the push button with your thumb. The gripper head is rotating (1). Continue pressing the gripper head up to the shaft. The gripper halves are spreading (2).

  1. Flatten the fur around the tick. Place the opened gripper in a right angle to the skin surface, so that the tick is centered in the gripper tip.
  2. Keep watching the tick and close the gripper slowly (!) releasing the push button.
  3. Slowly (!) release the push button completely. The gripper head is removing the tick by rotatory extraction.
  4. The tick is captured in the gripper head. Repeated attempts may be required for very small ticks.


If contaminated, for hygienic reasons it is recommended to replace the gripper head. Learn here how to do it.