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Conventional methods often lead to squeezing the tick and can therefore increase the likelyhood of infections. The soft-grip technology minimizes this risk. Please observe the following operating instructions:

  1. Only use the Tickgripper to remove ticks! Do not misuse for other purposes!
  2. As the Tickgripper contains small parts which a child may swallow, keep it safely stored away from small children.
  3. Handle the Tickgripper carefully. Avoid flicking or playing with the push button, as it might damage the internal mechanical parts. The Tickgripper is not a toy and thus should not be handled by small children.
  4. Store the Tickgripper in such fashion that the gripper head is not squeezed or compressed. Deformation can impair the precise closure of the gripper head, which is essential for the removal of small ticks. Put the protective cap back on the Tickgripper after use.
  5. Large ticks can rupture during removal and contaminate the Tickgripper with blood. In this event, a change of the gripper head is recommended for hygienic purposes.
  6. The Tickgripper does not require any special care. If the sensitive precision mechanics "jerks", remove the gripper head, dip the Tickgripper in a solution with dishwashing detergent (5 parts water, 1 part detergent). Press the push button a few times with your thumb until the mechanism is free again.

As long as you adhere to this advice, the Tickgripper will become an indispensible aid for tick removal.