Tick Analysis

To find out if your tick is infectious, you have the option to send in your tick for medical screening with the PCR-method. If the result is

- negative, the pathogen was not detected in your tick. If symptoms occur, they cannot come from the suspected pathogen.

- positive, the pathogen was detected in your tick. An infection may, must not have occurred. Discuss the test result with your doctor.

You will get the result usually within a few days. The analysis has the advantage that you are on the safe side in case of a negative result (pathogens not detected), even if symptoms should occur within the incubation period (5-29 days borreliosis, TBE 3-28 days, see Ticks and Disease). In this case the symptoms are not associated with a possible infection by ticks, but should be examined and treated in any case


In the entry form following examinations
are offered:

- Borrelia
- TBE virus
- Babesia
- Ehrlichia
- Rickettsiae

Discuss with your doctor which test is


Should you suffer fever, headache or
other symptoms of illness after being
bitten by a tick, please seek medical